We are ElectriCity Group, Ontario’s go to contractor for complex electrical infrastructures and technology solutions. ECG has been wiring for the future since 2011 and provides services in the areas of Data, Communications, Electrical, Automation, and TechnologyAs a privately owned Canadian company we are dedicated in providing a new standard of service in the electrical industry. ElectriCity Group with it’s offices in Toronto employ a large team of skilled trade professionals who together are able to complete projects on a large scale.


Who We Are


The company is managed under the guidance of it’s President and Owner Jason Harford. Jason is an entrepreneur that consistantly learns and evolves in order to help bring the business to new heights. His extensive knowledge of electrical theory with unique applications has made the group versatile amongst all electrical sectors. He has played and continues to play a key role in the success of the business.

Jason Harford I President & Owner

Entreprenuer - Inovator - Electrician

Derek Kogut I Vice President & Customer Relations

Observer - Sports Enthusiast - Electrician 

Since ElectriCity Group’s establishment in 2011, Derek Kogut has been a dedicated leader in the business. He currently serves as the companies Vice President and continues to build long standing relationships with partners of the firm. His people skills and positive attitude play a key role in broadening the client base and customer satifaction.

Steve Malo I Construction Manager

Boasting Engineering Abilities with intense quality standards Steve is the primary leader on our construction front. 

> Attension to detail

> Team Leader

> Electrical Solutions Expert

We turn over hundreds of turn key projects per year and provide fast service repairs accross Toronto.